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RGB Led Backlight Strip

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Set up a nice atmosphere in any room with RGB Led Backlight Strip. It will give a subtle pop which not only makes it feel bigger but a lot easier to the eyes.

  • Heat: It’s safe to be used for days, no heat will be generated from the LEDs. It’s not a safety hazard.
  • RGB Colors: A mixture of many nice colors that will let you adjust effortlessly through the android/ios app.
  • Bluetooth: The dedicated “Happylighting” android/ios app will work nicely on your device, it connects through Bluetooth to control the strip through it.
  • Bright: It’s an awesome, long, USB-powered LED strip that provides various amounts of brightness. Plus, you can change the level of brightness in-app. You can either select a color and set it for a while or choose the rainbow mode so it will automatically change color.
  • Installation: Installing the LED strip is super easy. What makes the installation simple is that it’s USB powered + the adhesive back will stick really well to flat surfaces.
  • Multi-Use: The fact that it’s USB powered will enable you to use it in countless applications as long as they have USB outlets. You may use it for your PC, TV, or your car, etc.

A multifunctional LED strip that connects automatically via Bluetooth to the phone/app. It has enormous colors and modes to select from.

Easy setup, easy connection, and very convenient controls via the app. Powers via tv USB so doesn’t another power plug point isn’t necessary.


Light Source: LED
Power Source:Corded Electric